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This PDF4NET is a .NET library for generating and importing PDF documents on the fly from any .NET application. The library does not rely on any Adobe products for creating and importing PDF files. It hides the complex structure of PDF files behind a simple object model that allows creation of complex PDF files or import of existing PDF files with a few lines of code.

The PDF4NET library follows the GDI+ model, thus reducing the learning time and increasing productivity. It uses a grid based layout approach allowing precise positioning of content on document's pages. The final PDF file is compressed, making the library appropriate for web applications. The library can be used both from WinForms and WebForms (ASP.NET) applications without any restrictions. Also, the same package includes a Compact .NET Framework edition of the library. The library is written entirely in C#, being 100% managed.

The PDF4NET library is licensed per developer and can be distributed ROYALTY FREE, reducing your project costs.

If you just started evaluating the PDF4NET library we recommend to start with the new generation of PDF4NET.

The main features of PDF4NET library are outlined below:

PDF Creation
PDF Editing
PDF Forms

PDF Creation

.NET Framework
.NET Framework
PDF Document Features
Partial document load -
Digitally sign PDF files -
Document information
XMP Metadata
Custom document properties
PDF/A-1B support -
PDF/A-2B/U support -
PDF/A-3B/U support -
Compressed document content
Save to file/stream
Automatic page numbering
Import of damaged PDF files (some of them) -
PDF portfolios -
XDP packages -
Add/Edit/Remove document attachments -
Add/Edit/Remove document level JavaScript -
Extract images from existing files -
Extract text from existing files -
Extract content as graphic operators from existing files -
Extract content as high level objects (paths, text and images) from existing files -
Incremental document updates -
Save document page by page -
Save page fragments one by one -
Page features
Standard and custom page sizes
Portrait/Landscape orientations
User defined measure units -
User defined coordinate system -
Absolute positioning (grid based layout)
Document layout
Page templates
Layers and sub-layers -
DeviceRGB, DeviceCMYK, DeviceGray, Indexed, CalGray, CalRGB, Lab, ICC, Separation and DeviceN colorspaces -
PANTONE colors -
Lines, polylines, arcs, pies, Bezier curves, ellipses, rectangles
Polygons, polypolygons, chords, rounded rectangles, paths -
Pen styles and solid brushes
Hatched and gradient brushes -
Transparency and blend modes -
Form XObjects
Clipping regions
Function-based, axial and radial shadings
Images from file/stream/System.Drawing.Bitmap (file)
Rotated images
Image caching
Transparent images -
Color key masking -
Image masking -
DEFLATE image compression -
TIFF to PDF conversion -
CCITT G4 compression for B/W images -
Alpha channel transparency -
Native EMF support -
Text features
Single line text
Multiline text
Rotated text
HTML formatted text -
Underline, strikethrough, overline
Left, center, right horizontal alignment
Top, middle, bottom vertical alignment
Justified text
Base 14 Postscript fonts
CJK fonts
Type1 fonts -
TrueType fonts with subsetting -
Unicode TrueType fonts -
TrueType fonts from System.Drawing.Font -
Type3 fonts -
PDF Security
AES & RC4 encryption -
40/128/256 bit encryption
Unicode passwords
User and owner password
Restricted document operations
PDF Actions
Actions support at document, page and bookmark level -
GoTo actions -
Remote GoTo actions -
JavaScript actions -
Launch actions -
Named actions -
URI actions -
SubmitForm and ResetForm actions -
3D annotations -
Text annotations -
Free text annotations -
Rubber stamp annotations -
File attachment annotations -
Movie annotations -
Line/Circle/Square annotations -
Link annotations -
Flash annotations -
Extract annotations from existing PDF files -
Custom appearance for annotations -
Flatten annotations -
Internal cross-references
External cross-references
1D Barcodes (Codabar, Code 11, Code 128 A/B/C, Code 25, Code 25 Interleaved, Code 39, Code 93, COOP 25, EAN-13, EAN-8, IATA 25, ISBN, ISMN, ISSN, JAN-13, Matrix 25, MSI/Plessey, Planet, Postnet, RM4SCC, SCC-14, SSCC-18, UPC-A, UPC-E, Singapore Post, Royal Dutch TPG Post, PZN, Deutsche Post Identcode, Deutsche Post Leitcode, USPS FIM, UCC/EAN128, USPS Horizontal Bars, USPS Package Identification Code, FedEx Ground 96, Pharmacode, Code 32) -
2D Barcodes (QR, Codablock F, Code 16K, DataMatrix, MicroPDF417, PDF417) -

PDF Editing

.NET Framework
.NET Framework
PDF Editing Features
Add new content/pages to existing pdf files -
Merge multiple pdf files to disk or to stream -
Split pdf files to single pages -
Apply security to existing pdf files -
Extract pages from pdf files and include them in new documents -
Place multiple pages on a single page (page imposition) -
Support for encrypted PDF files -
All PDF creation features are available also for existing PDF documents -

PDF Forms

.NET Framework
.NET Framework
PDF Forms
Create and modify PDF forms (Acroforms only) -
Fill PDF forms (Acroforms) -
Read values from PDF form fields (Acroforms) -
Support for pushbuttons, single and multi lines text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, comboboxes and listboxes (Acroforms) -
Fill static XFA forms (Adobe Designer 7 static forms) -
Read values from XFA forms (Adobe Designer 7 static forms) -
Support for pushbuttons, single and multi lines text fields, numeric fields, datetime fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, choice fields, image fields and barcode fields (XFA forms) -
Support for encrypted forms -
Form fields flattening, all of them or field by field -
Import/Export of form data in FDF, XFDF and XML -

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