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Follow the links below to download evaluation versions of PDF4NET. Users of evaluation version will receive e-mail support during their evaluation period.

The evaluation version of PDF4NET stamps each page of the resulted document with the following message: "Created with PDF4NET evaluation version". Text extraction replaces in text a few characters with letters from 'PDF4NET'. It is not time limited and has the same features like the registered version.

The PDF4NET library is provided as nuget packages, one package for each edition.
Evaluation nuget packages are available on nuget.org:
PDF4NET .NET Edition: o2s.components.pdf4net.net.nupkg
PDF4NET.Render .NET Edition: o2s.components.pdf4net.render.net.nupkg
PDF4NET .NET Framework Edition: o2s.components.pdf4net.netframework.nupkg
PDF4NET.Render .NET Framework Edition: o2s.components.pdf4net.render.netframework.nupkg
PDF4NET Mobile Edition: o2s.components.pdf4net.mobile.nupkg
PDF4NET.Render Mobile Edition: o2s.components.pdf4net.render.mobile.nupkg

You can also download the latest PDF4NET installer here: O2S.Components.PDF4NET.Render.NET.14.1.1.Evaluation.zip

Latest available version is PDF4NET 14.1.1 (released on 1 July 2024)

The latest PDF4NET samples are available on GitHub here: https://github.com/o2solutions/pdf4net

The PDF4NET online documentation (class reference) is available here:
The PDF4NET.Render online documentation (class reference) is available here:

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