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September 4, 2023 - PDF4Java 1.0.1-Beta

PDF4NET 1.0.1-Beta has been released. For the complete list of features click here. The following features are supported in this version (+ new features/enhancements, — bug fixes):
+ Support for accent insensitive search
+ Support for transforming the internal pages structure from a list to into a tree.
+ Support for CJK cmaps (package PDF4Java.Cmaps.jar)
+ Updated documentation
+ Updated constants in PDFPantoneColor class
+ PDFTextSearchOptions enum changed to class with constants
— Text cannot be extracted from some PDF files - fixed
— Text is extracted incorrectly from some PDF files - fixed
— Some PDF files cannot be loaded - fixed
— Some images are merged incorrectly during PDF resource optimization - fixed
— Page is not extracted correctly from PDF file - fixed
— Encrypted PDF file with incorrect key size cannot be loaded - fixed
— 4bit indexed PNG image is not decoded correctly - fixed

August 1, 2023 - PDF4Java 1.0.0-Beta

PDF4Java 1.0.0-Beta, the first version of PDF4Java library, is now available. For the complete list of features click here.
+ First version release.

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