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What platforms supports PDF4Java?
PDF4Java supports Java 8 and higher.
Can I convert PDF pages to images using PDF4Java?
PDF to image conversion is supported in PDF4Java.Render add-on package which is licensed separately from PDF4Java library.
Can I purchase only the PDF4Java.Render add-on library?
No, the PDF4Java.Render add-on library requires also a commercial license of PDF4Java library to be purchased.
How can I purchase the PDF4Java.Render add-on library?
The PDF4Java.Render add-on library can be purchased together with PDF4Java library or anytime later (see below).
I have an existing PDF4Java license, can I purchase the PDF4Java.Render add-on library?
Yes, if you have an active support subscription for the PDF4Java license. The support subscription for the PDF4Java.Render add-on library matches the support subscription of the PDF4Java library and does not extend it.
If you do not have an active PDF4Java support subscription, you have to renew the PDF4Java support subscription (or upgrade your license if not eligible for standard renewal) and then you can purchase the PDF4Java.Render add-on.
Can PDF4Java rebuild all damaged PDF files?
At this moment the PDF4Java library can rebuild only PDF files with damaged xref sections. We plan to extend this feature to support other types of damaged PDF files.
Can I still use the library after my subscription expired?
Yes, you can. The subscription refers strictly to the period of time you get technical support and have free access to new releases of PDF4Java library. A 1 year subscription means free access for a year to new releases. The renewal of the subscription is not mandatory, after the subscription expired, you can continue to use the library in development and royalty free deploy/distribute your applications for unlimited time. You just do not have free access to new versions of the library that were released after your subscription expired.
Can PDF4Java be used as a printer driver?
PDF4Java library can not be used as a printer driver for creating pdf files from Windows applications. It is a Java library to create pdf files from code.
Can PDF4Java print existing pdf files to an installed printer?
PDF4Java library can not print existing pdf files to a printer, it can only create pdf files from code.

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