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PDFXplorer is a small application that lets you explore the internals of any PDF file. It shows the PDF file in a tree structure, matching the PDF structure in the file. It can be used to debug a wide range of PDF problems, from invalid references to damaged page content. PDFXplorer supports all PDF versions, its PDF engine being version independent. Also encrypted PDF files are supported. PDFXplorer toolkit has been developed entirely in C#, being 100% managed code.

Inspect PDF files at the lowest level
Tree representation of PDF structure
Support for any PDF version
Support RC4 and AES encrypted files
Hex and text viewers for streams
Export streams to disk

Are you looking for programatically working with PDF files in a non-visual manner?
Try PDF4NET. Create, edit, fill, merge, split and encrypt PDF files with a few lines of code from any .Net application.

Are you looking for viewing and printing PDF files in your .Net app?
Try PDFView4NET. View, fill, annotate and print PDF files from your .Net application.

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