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    com.o2sol.pdf4java.spatial Package
    In This Topic
    Provides support for creating GEO enabled PDF files.
    Defines the base class for spatial coordinate systems.
    Defines a geographic coordinate system.
    Defines a geospatial measure.
    The geospatial measure defines the relationship between points or regions in the two dimensional PDF object space and points or regions with respect to an underlying model of the earth.
    Defines the bae class for spatial PDF measures.
    A measure specifies an alternative coordinate system for a region of a page. Along with the viewport, it provides the information needed to convert coordinates in the page's coordinate system to coordinates in the measuring coordinate system.
    Defines how a measure units should be formatted for display.
    Defines a collection of PDF number formats.
    Defines a class that specifies extended geospatial data.
    Defines a projected coordinate system.
    Defines a rectilinear measure.
    The rectilinear measure defines a rectilinear coordinate system. A rectilinear coordinate system is defined as one in which the x and y axes are perpendicular and have units that increment linearly (to the right and up, respectively).
    Defines a rectangular region of a page that supports a different measurement scale.
    Defines a collection of PDF viewports.
    Specifies the supported display modes for a fractional value.
    Specifies the supported types for values in a PDFPointData object.
    Specifies the supported values for preferred display units.
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