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    com.o2sol.pdf4java.pdffunctions Package
    In This Topic
    Provides support for PDF functions.
    Defines a type 2 (Exponential Interpolation) function.
    Type 2 PDF functions define an exponential interpolation of one input value and n output values.
    Defines the base class for all PDF functions.
    Defines a collection of PDF functions.
    Defines a type 4 (PostScript) function.
    A type 4 PostScript function, also called a PostScript calculator function, is represented as a stream containing code written in a small subset of the PostScript language.
    Defines a type 0 (Sampled) function.
    Type 0 PDF functions use a sequence of sample values (contained in a stream) to provide an approximation for functions whose domains and ranges are bounded. The samples are organized as an m-dimensional table in which each entry has n components.
    Defines a type 3 (Stitching) function.
    Defines the supported interpolation modes for a type 0 function values.
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