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    com.o2sol.pdf4java.graphics Package
    In This Topic
    Provides support for creating PDF graphics.
    Defines PDF brush.
    The brush is used to fill a path with a color.
    Defines a graphic surface.
    Defines a low level graphics interface for drawing content on PDF pages.
    The methods in this class match the PDF operators defined in the PDF specification.
    A PDFContentStream object is created from a object and lets you inject specific PDF operators in the object, operators that are not available through the public API.
    This class gives you full control over the generated page content but it requires good knowledge of PDF specification.
    Defines a rectangle relative to top left corner of the page.
    Defines the current graphic state in a PDF content stream.
    Defines a PDF form XObject.
    Defines a group associated with a PDFFormXObject.
    Defines a hatch brush.
    Defines a PDF transformation matrix.
    Defines the graphics surface of a PDF page.
    Defines the graphic content of an existing PDF page.
    Defines a PDF path.
    A path represents a series of connected lines and curves.
    Defines a brush that uses a pattern to fill the path interior.
    Defines a pen that uses a pattern based color for stroking a path.
    Defines a PDF pen.
    The pen is used to stroke a path outline with a color.
    Defines a PDF point.
    Stores an ordered pair of floating-point numbers, typically the width and height of a rectangle.
    Defines a rectangle in PDF coordinate system.
    Defines various appearance options for displaying text on page graphics.
    Defines various layout options for displaying text on page graphics.
    Defines a transparency group.
    Defines the supported PDF blend modes.
    Specifies the available fill modes for a PDF path.
    Defines the supported flip directions.
    Specifies the available align modes for content relative to a parent container.
    Defines the supported styles for hatch brushes.
    Defines the supported line cap styles.
    Defines the supported line join styles.
    Defines the supported positions for page canvas when drawing on a page imported from an existing file.
    Defines the supported horizontal align modes for text.
    Defines the supported vertical align modes for text.
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