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    com.o2sol.pdf4java.graphics.images Package
    In This Topic
    Provides support for working with images in PDF files.
    Defines an alternate image.
    Defines a collection of alternate images.
    Defines a BMP image.
    Defines a GIF image.
    Defines a PDF image.
    Defines a JPEG image.
    Defines a PNG image.
    Defines a RAW image.
    Defines a TIFF image.
    Defines an extra large JPEG image.
    Extra large JPEG images are not loaded in memory.
    The image object keeps a reference to the input stream till the PDF file is generated and writes the image to the PDF file directly from the input stream.
    Defines an extra large TIFF image.
    Extra large TIFF images are not loaded in memory while the PDF file is created, their content is transfered directly to the output PDF file when it is saved. Because of this a reference to the original TIFF stream must be kept until the PDF file is saved.
    Defines the supported image orientations.
    This enum corresponds to EXIF Orientation tag (0x112 = 274).
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