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    com.o2sol.pdf4java.document Package
    In This Topic
    Provides support for PDF document related features.
    Defines an abstract PDF document.
    Defines an attachment included in a PDF document.
    Defines a collection of document attachments.
    Defines the general document information.
    Defines a block of JavaScript code.
    Defines a collection of JavaScript source code blocks.
    Defines a PDF outline item.
    Defines a collection of outline items.
    Defines a PDF output intent.
    Output intents provide a means for matching the color characteristics of a PDF document with those of a target output device or production environment in which the document will be printed.
    Defines a collection of PDF output intents.
    Defines a labeling range for PDF pages.
    A document can be divided into labeling ranges, each of which is a series of consecutive pages using the same numbering system. Pages within a range are numbered sequentially in ascending order. A page's label consists of a numeric portion based on its position within its labeling range, optionally preceded by a label prefix denoting the range itself.
    Defines a collection of page labels.
    Defines the separation information for a PDF page.
    Defines an extension to an existing PDF version.
    Defines the way the document is to be presented on the screen or in print.
    Defines the XMP metadata.
    Defines the supported display modes for a PDF document.
    Defines the supported relationship types between a file attachment and its owner.
    Defines the supported values for duplex printing.
    Defines the supported styles for outline item's text.
    Defines the supported output intent types.
    Defines the supported numbering styles for page labels.
    Defines the supported page layouts for PDF documents.
    Defines the available tab order options for annotations in a PDF page.
    Defines the supported print scaling options.
    Defines the supported PDF specification versions.
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