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    com.o2sol.pdf4java.annotations Package
    In This Topic
    Provides support for PDF annotations.
    Defines an abstract PDF annotation.
    Defines how an annotation is presented visually on the page.
    Defines the supported styles for annotation borders.
    Defines a collection of PDF annotations.
    Defines a PDF circle annotation.
    A circle annotation displays an ellipse on the page.
    Defines a PDF cloud polygon annotation.
    Defines a square annotation with a clould style border.
    A cloud square annotation displays a rectangular cloud on the page.
    Defines a PDF file attachment annotation.
    Defines a PDF free text annotation.
    Defines a PDF ink annotation.
    Defines a PDF line annotation.
    Defines a PDF link annotation.
    The base class for PDF markup annotations.
    Defines a PDF polygon annotation.
    Defines a PDF polyline annotation.
    Defines a popup annotation.
    Defines a redaction annotation.
    A redaction annotation marks a rectangle on the page that will be redacted.
    Defines a PDF rubber stamp annotation.
    Defines a PDF movie annotation.
    Defines a PDF sound annotation.
    Defines a square annotation.
    A square annotation displays a rectangle on the page.
    Defines a PDF text note annotation.
    Defines a PDF text markup annotation.
    Text markup annotations appear as highlights, underlines, strikeouts or jagged (squiggly) underlines in the text of a document.
    Defines the supported styles for annotation borders.
    Defines the supported annotation types.
    Defines the supported styles to end a line annotation.
    Defines the supported link highlight modes.
    Defines the supported encoding formats for sound data.
    Defines the supported states for text annotations.
    Supported text markup annotations.
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