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    com.o2sol.pdf4java.actions Package
    In This Topic
    Provides support for PDF actions.
    Defines an abstract PDF action.
    Defines a collection of PDF actions.
    Defines a goto 3D View action. A goto 3D view action specifies a view to be used by a 3D annotation.
    Defines a Go To action. A go to action changes the view in the PDF viewer application to a specified destination (page, location and magnification factor).
    Defines a Hide action. A hide action hides or shows one or more annotations on the screen by setting or clearing their Hidden flags.
    Defines a Javascript action. A JavaScript action causes a script to be compiled and executed by the JavaScript interpreter.
    Defines Launch action. A launch action launches an application or opens or prints a document.
    Defines a Named action. A named action is a predefined action expected to be supported by any PDF viewers.
    Defines a Remote Go-To action. A remote go-to action is similar to an ordinary go-to action but jumps to a destination in another PDF file instead of the current file.
    Defines a reset form action. A reset form action resets selected interactive form fields to their default values.
    Defines a set-OCG-state action.
    A set-OCG-state action sets the state of one or more optional content groups. Use the AddState and AddOptionalContentGroup methods to build the sequence of states for activating, deactivating and toggling the optional content groups.
    Defines a submit form action. A submit form action transmits the names and values of selected interactive form fields to a specified uniform resource locator (URL).
    Defines a URI action. A URI action causes a URI to be resolved.
    Defines the predefined actions expected to be supported by any PDF viewers.
    Defines the supported data formats for form data submission.
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